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Reliance Mutual Life Insurance

The Reliance Mutual Insurance Society offers two main products: life insurance funds and pension funds. These life insurance funds are basically a typical life insurance policy with the benefits of earnings that are accumulated over time and paid out to the policyholder at a future date. Policy-buyers are given the options to choose where their funds are to be invested; it could be equity, fixed interest, property, trust, etc.

The pension funds on the other hand have the same investment setup with a twist. The pension funds, also called pension annuities, make use of the person's pension funds to earn additional income during their retired years. It gives out a higher income as compared to the regular pension income received. They also have a special pension annuity for smokers.

Reliance Mutual was founded in 1911 as an offshoot of the Reliance Fire & Accident Insurance Corporation. The Mutual Society was formed in 1951 to enable them to widen their investment options. Most recently, in 2003, they acquired 7 portfolios of different life assurers' business to further expand their reach.

Please do note, that you can find more information about Reliance Mutual Life Assurance products on This article is not to be taken as legal or professional opinion it is only for personal and educational purposes.
Insurer Premium*

*The figures above are based upon £100,000 life insurance only cover for female aged 30, non smoker and in normal health. Quotation based on 25 year level term and sourced on a guaranteed basis. (details correct as at September 2009)


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