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Prudential Life Assurance and Critical Illness Cover

Prudential Life Assurance offers you three types of covers: Life Cover, Series Illness Cover and Income Protection Cover. Each of these is designed for a specific life scenario. Pick one that is appropriate to your desired level of life protection and according to your budget.

The life assurance protection plans provided by Prudential Life are award winning. Contact our insurance advisor for more information about which plan is the right one for you.

Prudential Life Assurance has well-known Serious Illness Cover. There are actually two options that you can choose from for this type of protection. A comprehensive critical illness cover and a primary cover. The comprehensive critical illness cover includes up to 161 types of conditions. The primary cover protects up to 100 types of conditions. These are generous amounts, considering many insurance providers cover on average 34.

The Income Protection Cover offered by Prudential operates in a similar fashion. There is a Primary and a Comprehensive plan for this cover, depending on the level of protection desired. You are guaranteed a payment sum if you are unable to work because of an illness or an accident. An extra benefit is that if you enroll in Prudential's Vitality program, you can possibly lower your premiums without sacrificing your cover if you look after your health better.
Insurer Premium*

*The figures above are based upon £100,000 life insurance only cover for female aged 30, non smoker and in normal health. Quotation based on 25 year level term and sourced on a guaranteed basis. (details correct as at September 2009)


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